Visol Track Black Matte Cigar or Cigarette Butane Lighter

  • $30.00

The Track has a compact and slender design ready to be taken out on the road. Its black matte finish accented with polished stainless steel bands along the sides wraps all the way around the lighter. The rubberized pull down button ignites a powerful flame that will toast your cigar quickly and evenly.

Dimensions: 3.20” (Height) x 1.20” (Width) x 0.70” (Depth)

Weight: 3.20oz

Torch Flame Lighter

One Year Warranty

Butane Refillable

Black Matte Finish

Track Style Button

Slim Design

Stunning Black Matte Body

Wind Resistant Single Torch Flame Lighter

Easy to Use Single Button Ignition

Butane Refillable Lighter with Adjustable Flame Height (Butane Not Included)

Incredibly Efficient Shutter Track Style Ignition Button; Approx. Dimensions - Length: 1.2 inches, Width: 3.2 inches, Height: 0.7 inches; Approx. Weight: 0.17 pounds